Perfect Keto Starter Bundle


All the essential products to help introduce the ketogenic diet into your lifestyle! This bundle includes Chocolate Exogenous Ketone Base, Unflavored Keto Collagen, Unflavored MCT Oil, and Ketone Testing Strips.


When can you use the bundle?

Use the bundle in the morning to curb your appetite during intermittent fasting! Use the bundle in the afternoon to energize you through the afternoon slump. Use the bundle before a workout to fuel your body with ketones.

Use the Exogenous Ketone Base to boost your ketone levels to help you get into ketosis. The ketone base will give you the energy boost you need to help you through mornings, afternoon slumps, and workouts.

Keto Collagen will help support hair, nail, skin, joint and digestive health. Use the Keto Collagen in the evening to hep your muscles relax before bedtime and after workouts to help your joints recover.

MCT Oil Powder will fuel your brain to help you stay focused, think clearer, and give your cognitive function a boost. Since this blend is made with high-fat powder from real coconuts, it will help keep you full and satisfied during intermittent fasting, or when those afternoon cravings hit. Use the MCT Oil Powder in the afternoon to curb your hunger, at snack time to meet your macros, and at the office to help you focus on work or before a big meeting.

Use the Ketone Testing Strips to test how many ketones are in your blood stream within a matter of minutes.


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