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A powerful purifying system, Unicity Cleanse contains all-natural cleansing and digestive health products to neutralize and dislodge toxins, waste, and parasites and remove them from your body. Containing LIFIBER, PARAWAY PLUS, and ALOE VERA, it acts like a gentle brush—grabbing buildup and cleansing your entire digestive system. Cleanse with Aloe Vera helps rid the body of toxins with a daily capsule.

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The Unicity Cleanse systems contain natural digestive health products that support healthy digestion. Cleanse contains Unicity Lifiber, Unicity Paraway Plus, and either Unicity Nature’s Tea or Unicity Aloe Vera.

Why should I do a cleanse?

  • The digestive tract is filled with both good and bad bacteria. Overtime, the bad bacteria can start to overrun the good bacteria. A cleanse acts as a reset button, helping to promote healthy bacteria levels in the digestive tract.

How often should I do a cleanse? 

  • Most health professionals would recommend completing a cleanse once or twice per year.

What make Unicity Cleanse different from other cleanses on the market?

  • Unicity cleanse comes in a system. It is used not only to support the body’s natural cleansing abilities, it also contains products with ingredients that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Unicity cleanse will help you effectively reset and restore, from start to finish.


Unicity Lifiber: The soluble and insoluble fiber in LiFiber support the body’s natural digestive functions. Mix one level scoop with water, juice, or morning protein shake.

Aloe Vera: A natural product that supports the body’s healing and cleansing process. After an evening meal, take one capsule.

Paraway Plus: A patented blend of herbs containing natural ingredients that support the digestive tract. For the first 10 days, take two capsules each morning Starting on day 11, take five capsules each morning.


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