Unicity Matcha


Unicity Matcha is not steeped or ground like traditional teas. This means that you are consuming 100% of all nutrient content. This includes soluble and insoluble components like chlorophyll, protein, and dietary fiber.

  • Metabolism: Promotes fat burning by providing a metabolic boost.
  • Concentration: Supports a heightened focus.
  • Energy: Helps rejuvenate the body and intensify energy levels.


Matcha is a refreshing blend of natural ingredients that boosts energy and concentration, lowers stress levels, and increases the metabolism. Matcha’s principle ingredient is the Chi-Oka Matcha blend, composed of a shade-grown  ceremonial grade green tea (Camelias Sinensis) hand harvested in Japan, which delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants in each serving.

Recommended Use: Mix the contents of one packet with 8-10 oz of hot or cold water. Contains 30 packets inside.

Calories: 20 | Dietary Fiber: 2 | Sugars: 1g



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